Two Weeks Notice

Genre: Romantic comedy

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Alicia Witt, Dana Ivey and Robert Klein.

Direction: Marc Lawrence.

Reasons to watch: Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock! You just won’t get bored after watching it over a million times.

Reasons not to: Can’t think of one, just watch it!

Story: It is about two different people from extremely different walks of life come together in New York City… Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), a Harvard-educated lawyer was brought up to be an environmental activist and continued to be one. She spends her time working at the legal aid clinic and staging protests to stop the destruction of local landmarks. George Wade (Hugh Grant) is an immature, spoilt, philandering real estate tycoon who relies on others to do his work and lives in the hotel he owns. Lucy confronts George and convinces him from tearing down the Coney Island Community Center and ends up taking up a job as his counsel, with a huge salary and resources to offer to charity. He promises to protect the community center if she just works for him. George soon becomes completely dependent on Lucy and wants her advice in every aspect of his life, including choosing his clothes,shoes or even envelopes. After George calls Lucy in the middle of her friend’s wedding, she decides to call it quits and gives him her Two Weeks’ Notice. He tries to convince her to stay, and tries to block her from getting any other jobs. She begins to do everything to get fired by Wade. He finally gives in, and Lucy finds a replacement, June Carter (Alicia Witt), a young Harvard lawyer. She finally leaves when she discovers that George is going to tear down the Coney Island community center after all.

After she leaves, George realizes his folly and asks her for her advice on the first speech he wrote after she entered his life. She realizes that he intends to keep up his word because of his love for her.

Climax: Just like any other romantic flick they get married and live happily ever after (in her apartment) 😉

Rating: 9/10.