Scent Of A Woman

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Cast: Al Pacino, Chris O’Donnell, Gabrielle Anwar

Direction: Martin Brest

Music: Paul Newmann, The Tango Project

Reasons to watch: Al Pacino.! And some brazen wit… “when the shit hits the fan, some guys run and some guys stay”

Reasons not to: An unnecessary school subplot, O’Donnell disappoints.

Story: Lt. Col. Frank Slade (Al Pacino) is a retired Lt Col in the US army, blind and hard-hitting, someone who has lost his vision and his love for life. He needs an escort to go to New York on Thanksgiving, to have a gala time before he faces life head on. Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell) is at prep school, on a scholarship on the way to university. He is in a mess, being a witness to a stupid school prank and being coaxed into revealing the culprits or face dire consequences. In the meantime, to earn some money for a trip home for Christmas he agrees to accompany an embittered Frank on his Thanksgiving trip.

And they answer each other’s silent prayers.

Climax Handling: The courtroom scene, a most unusual speech – controversial yet inspiring and the typical American happy ending

Points: The unforgettable Tango, Al and his “Whoo-ah!”

Lt. Col. Frank Slade: “You’re in no position to disagree with me boy. I got a loaded .45 here. You got pimples.”

Rating: 8.5/10

Comment: Better watch it and have an opinion than miss it and share ours..!