Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama, Family

Cast: Anupam Kher, Rohini Hattangadi, Soni Razdan, Madan Jain, Suhas Bhalekar, Nilu Phule

Direction: Mahesh Bhatt

Reasons to watch: Mahesh Bhatt, Anupam Kher, A movie which does justice to all emotions alike.

Reasons not to: If you are against simplicity and realism, and dislike being aroused from a socially-indifferent slumber.

Story: B.V. Pradhan and Parvati are struggling to come to terms with life after the death of their only son who has been killed in New York in a mugging incident. A retired school teacher Pradhan has lost all his faith in life while Parvati takes refuge in religion. Her new-found guru has assured her that her son will be re-born very close to her. In order to overcome their loneliness as well as to supplement Pradhan’s meagre pension, they take in a young aspiring actress Sujata as paying guest. Sujata, an aspiring actress, hopes to marry her lover Vilas, son of the local small-time politician Gajanan Chitre who is against the union.

And when the menacing thoughts of suicide come calling, Pradhan and Parvati are interrupted by a quarrel between Vilas and Sujata, who wants to give birth to his baby irrespective of the threat it poses to his father’s political ambitions. Parvati can see her son returning to her from Sujata’s womb and the Pradhan, now has a reason to live and to fight.

Climax Handling: Intense. “Tumhare chehre ki jhurriyon mein mere jeevan ka saaransh hai – in the wrinkles of your face lies the essence of my life”

Points: A 27 year old guy playing the role of a 60-something man in his first movie, superb art direction, revolting storyline – Saaransh has all ingredients of a classic.

Rating: 9/10

Comment: Corruption, superstition, suicide, the ordeals of age, crime, the silent sufferings of parents of immigrants, re-incarnation, a society sans morals, riots – Saaransh knocks at the innermost confines of your conscience. And liberates it.